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I don't know anyone with more dedication and commitment to excellence and helping others.

- G. Busker

My client, Andrew, just completed his first Tough Mudder! So proud of him!

Tough Mudder!!!

10+ miles of mud and obstacles, and we're all still smiles! ;) #toughmudders #whenwasthelasttimeyoudidsomethingforthefirsttime

Team Mountain Mudders

This is my client, Paula. She passed the physical requirements to enroll in the U.S. Coast Guard academy! When she came to me about 6 weeks prior to this she wasn't able to complete a full push-up, or run the required 1.5 miles without stopping... but with hard work and determination she was able to complete 16 push-ups, 51 sit-ups, and continuously run 1.5 miles in 12:52. I'm so proud of her! (And so is her fam 😉) Great job!

Coast Guard Academy Training

Client, Erin, completed her first Tough Mudder in Dallas 2016... now she is training for a powerlifting competition, as well as Tough Mudder #2!!!

Tough Mudder!!!!

We conquered 12.5 miles and 24 obstacles - together. #teamwork #wearetoughmudders #whenwasthelasttimeyoudidsomethingforthefirsttime

Tough Mudders!

Sheila completed her  goal of  her first 5K!!!

Sheila's first 5K

16 week transformation for first Physique competition using online training and nutrition

Kyle - Physique Competitor

Online training and nutrition client, Holly, came to me 4 months after baby #2, wanting to compete in her first bikini competition... she worked her butt off, and 5 months later hit the stage!

4 months post-partum to the stage!

Holly - Bikini Competitor

7 month transformation using online nutrition and training

Reyna - Bikini Competitor

Bentonville, AR

16 week tansformation using online nutrition and training

Caitlin - Bikini Competitor

Bentonville, AR

In December 2014 I needed to find a trainer to help me reach my fitness goals. I had been over weight for awhile and had tried many times to lose the extra weight and I was embarrassed to go to the gym. A friend recommended Stacie and I gave her a call. After talking with her, we worked out a plan and meet up at the gym. She found a section of the gym where I did not feel like everyone was looking at me and we got busy. I needed to work on my endurance and that was where we started. She also helped me to understand what eating habits I needed to change and gave me ideas to make better food choices. Over this past year I have increased my endurance, started losing fat and gaining muscle. There have been times that I have lost the faith in myself but she has never lost her faith in me. She is always excited to help me celebrate both the scale and non scale wins. We have set a new goal for me and I am excited to work toward that goal with Stacie as my trainer..

Becky V.

Bentonville, AR

When I started at the gym I was afraid to workout. See, I was born with a pinched nerve in my left arm. I was afraid to workout because of my left arm of what people would say, laugh, etc. I have use of my left arm, just can't do certain things.


Then I contacted Stacie. I told her what my goals were. I was afraid to tell her about the issue with my left arm. I know some trainers would think twice about taking me on as a client, but not Stacie. She took it head on. And worked out routines for that.


What I particularly liked about Stacie was that she looked at me as a whole opposed to just giving me some exercises and counting the sets and reps. 


It took a bit of time but she first helped me establish a great routine and then a great diet. Told me I needed to increase my calorie intake. 


After reading her blog on her website"Letting Go of Self Doubt". I don't care what people said about me with the way I worked out. Reading her blog has changed me in so many ways, not with just working out, but in life as well. I am forever in Stacie's debt for that. Since then I work with Stacie when I can, and I know I can always ask her advice on a routine or a diet. 


She has been my inspiration to become fit and eat healthy. Let her be your inspiration, as she is mine!! I'd highly recommend Stacie to anyone.

Robert M.

Bentonville, AR

Stacie is amazing! She gives you all the steps and answers all your questions! She is the best trainer anyone could have. She is my inspiration!

Deidre W.

Springfield, MO

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My mentor, my inspiration, my motivation, and one of the strongest women I know.

- D. Arnold

Stacie is such a tribute as a parent and an inspiration to all of us traveling in this journey we call life. Additionally as a Fitness Coach and Nutritionist Stacie is second to none as an authentic example and model of possibilities.

- J. Bayer

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