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Hi! :)


My name is Stacie. I am a personal trainer, nutritionist, WBFF Pro competitor, former EMT, and single mom. I have always had an interest in fitness and nutrition, and I am always learning new information about the ever-changing world of fitness and nutrition.


I began my career in healthcare as a receptionist in the Emergency Room in October of 1998. Working as a receptionist exposed me to the realities of emergency medicine, but I wanted to be more hands-on with patient care. So, I went to school to become an EMT. I began working on the ambulance in June of 2000. I mostly worked overnights in Springfield, MO. My long career in Emergency Medical Services has shown me first-hand the detrimental effects a sedentary, unhealthy lifestyle can have on a person's health. Because of this, and my interest in fitness and nutrition, I decided to pursue my Bachelor of Science in Dietetics from Missouri State Univerisity in Springfield, MO while working on the ambulance. I worked full-time overnights, as I pursued my degree full-time during the day. I became a mother to my wonderful daughter during this time period, as well. After I graduated with my Bachelors, I remained on the ambulance for a few years before I relocated to northwest Arkansas where I decided to leave my full-time EMS career to start my own business and become a personal trainer/nutritionist/wellness coach, so I could use my knowledge to help people in other ways besides emergency medicine.


In my spare time I have competed in multiple Figure competitions; with two 1st place wins in 2013, and another 1st place win at the 2016 WBFF Chicago where I was also awarded my Pro status in the Fitness Model Diva division. I have completed 7 Tough Mudders, including the Tough Mudder Holy Grail as my 40th birthday present to myself... as I love taking on a challenge! I continued to work on the ambulance occasionally for a couple of years after starting my business, but my passion is helping people become healthy through fitness and nutrition. So I officially retired my EMT uniform in April of 2017 to dedicate myself to this career path of helping others get healthy. I love sharing my knowledge and helping others achieve their best selves possible.


Because of the many roles I play in life - mother, entrepreneur, employee, competitor, daughter, sister, friend, etc. I understand how difficult it can be to make fitness and nutrition a priority, but what I have learned is if I do not take care of my physical health, I cannot effectively take care of others. I have the same struggles as many of my clients, and I try to be authentic and open about them, and the solutions that have worked for me to consistently live a healthy life. I try to be a role model to my daughter, my friends and family, and my clients, by living a healthy life and teaching healthy habits that will last a lifetime. Life should not revolve around the gym, and self-worth is not determined by looks or the scale. Health and beauty are more than skin deep. I believe it is possible to love and care for yourself, while at the same time improving yourself... Enjoy the journey. It is completely possible to enjoy all aspects of life while maintaining a healthy body... Life is too short for self-hatred and celery sticks. ;)



How it started...

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How it's going...

Me & my "little" girl

Hiking with Jake

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Family Christmas Card 2021

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